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Closet Cleanup: Business vs Casual

IOTS Oct 26 Blog Post professional organizer vancouver bc

When I swoop in to rescue hopeless bedroom closets, I am able to advise based on my own organizing practices. This way I know the professional organizing advice I’m passing on is tried and true.

In my bedroom closet at home I divide my clothes between business and casual. When I’m getting ready in the morning I simply go to the business clothes section and my tired morning brain can quickly put something together. In the evening, I go to the casual side and voila, it’s easy to find what I need.

In each section, I personally like to hang my shirts by sleeve length. It looks good in the closet and I can immediately rule out many items based on the weather that day. Other people prefer to colour code their tops. Perhaps this is because they dress based on their mood and which colour feels right to them.

However you choose to organize, for it to be sustainable and effective, it needs to work with your personality and not against it. If you’re not someone who is ever going to hang something, then shelves may be best for you. If you’re not going to hang and don’t like folding, use baskets and simply throw shirts in one, bottoms in another and get a move on. There is nothing wrong with a system if it works for you.

As a professional organizer I believe a carefully curated closet is a simple way to make your bedroom an oasis of organized calm. If you need professional assistance, just give me a call!

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