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Organizing Your Junior Picasso’s Art Collection

Organizing Children's Art Professional Organizer Vancouver BC organizing tips

If you’re a parent you know that the minute a child can grasp a crayon, your home will soon have piles of artwork stashed here and there. As a professional organizer, I know that the memorabilia with sentiment attached is the hardest to tackle. The thought of letting go of that precious artwork brings up so much guilt that the process often never even gets started.

You know of course I have some organizing tips to make this task easier, so let’s go!

The first step in organizing children’s art work is the moment it comes in the door. Write the name of the child and the date. These two little pieces of information will save you a lot of time and heartache in the future.

Next, define the area(s) in your home where the artwork will be displayed. If there are only 6 spots it means only 6 pieces can be displayed. Depending on your display method (frames, cork board, magnetic wall, clothes pegs on a line etc), you can either put new pieces on top of old ones, or ask the child which piece they’d like to take down. This is a great opportunity to teach them about organizing. The theory of one thing in and another one out will help them tremendously as they grow up to be professional organizers. 😀

At some point you’ll need to determine when to review all the current pieces and let some go. Choose a time to spread all the artwork out and have the child rate each piece. Keep the top ranked items and recycle the rest. Set a limit to how much you keep or can store. Once you’ve reached the limit it’s time to refine the remaining items. Again, including children in the purging process can be an effective method of letting go. You may even be surprised how quickly they make decisions and which pieces they believe are their favourites.

Personally, my two favourite methods of displaying children’s art are Dynamic Frames, and professional portfolios for all the remaining keepsake items. If you have the time, you could also take the art to a scanning company to scan all the pieces. This would ensure those milestones are captured and stored forever digitally.

If you need professional assistance, just give me a call!

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