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Lighten Up

November 30th, 2013

IOTS Nov 30 Blog Post image vancouver bc professional organizer

Here we are on the very last day of November and the last Blog Post of the month. Before we dive headfirst into the marvel and mayhem that is the holiday season, I wanted to have us all take a collective deep breath.

Where are you right now? Reading this on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device? Your favourite couch corner, a bustling coffee shop or on the edge of the bed just minutes before the light is turned out and sleep embraces you? If you’re at home, I hope that what you see when you pause and look up is comforting.

Living with clutter and moving around things that don’t support you can be so uncomfortable. As a professional organizer I strive to make sure all my clients are at peace. Whether it’s a bathroom drawer, email Inbox or garage that needs to have a new organizing system in place, these steps are taken to clear out the anxiety and unnecessary stress and bring in the fresh air of simplicity.

As I’m being reached out to more and more, I know that organization, whether small project or big makeover, is craved and desired. That feeling was reinforced when I read this powerful piece by Pamela Weintraub for Psychology Today called Lighten Up. In a scenario I see with my clients often, the writer is downsizing her home and is suddenly face to face with boxes and boxes of life memorabilia. Due to space constraints she is forced to deal with the whole family’s long forgotten but kept “stuff.” And what a challenge it is – confronting her family, past emotions and deep connections to things that hadn’t been seen in many years.

The gamut of emotions and toolbox of strategies the author uses reminds me very much of the four Blog Posts that were published this month. No matter your age, gender, home or lifestyle, we all have a little to give up. After reading this piece and my Blog Posts, I’d love to know what you can let go of before 2013 draws to a quiet close.

All November we tackled your mountains of memorabilia that often got ignored because you didn’t have the proper organizing systems on hand. We hope you gained some valuable insight via the weekly Blog Posts to ensure your precious memories and collectibles aren’t cluttering your space. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for more decluttering tips and elegant advice for organizing your home, office, and your life.

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