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Don’t Think, Go

IOTS Jan 11, 2014 Blog Post vancouver organizer

Let’s start this Blog Post with a question. What’s one thing you could do to make your life easier right now?

There’s no trick. I don’t expect you to feel guilty about any lack of organization. What I want to communicate is that we often know the simple answer to this question. For some reason, we oftentimes don’t implement the obvious.

If you’re struggling and really not sure what the answer could be, think about what has worked in the past.

If you find an inner voice wanting to rebel, just say to yourself, kindly but firmly, I will commit to do it for one week. That is a practical and completely feasible amount of time.

Here’s some help – one little thing that changed my life was when I put my running shoes and workout clothes beside my bed. Now, when my alarm goes off I have a mantra “Don’t think, go, don’t think, go, don’t think, go, don’t think, go.” Right now it’s working 89% of the time. 🙂

Back to you – what could you literally do right NOW?

“Don’t think, go.”

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