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Be Kind to Yourself

January 18th, 2014

be kind to yourself, professional organizer, vancouver bc

Well, like many others you may have already abandoned your big and beautiful New Year’s Resolution.

Darn it!

Don’t be too hard on yourself though please. Just because the calendar switches over to 2014 doesn’t mean you’re going to magically transform into another version of yourself. So, I figure you might as well laugh at yourself and try something new.

How about this – you can be really great one hour at a time. We think you’re awesome and know you can start again, right now.

No big deal.

Just decide that’s what you want and do it. If it’s really not what you want, then you have some more thinking to do.

In 2014 our theme (not resolution) is space. Space to discover what is really right so that dreams can come true. We believe when you are kind to yourself in all ways, this space will present itself to you too.

This January, as the year feels alive and large, fresh with possibility and change, I want you to take it one day at a time. Join me this month on my website for weekly Blog Posts that will help make your January feel more possible with less pressure. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for more year-round decluttering tips and elegant advice for organizing your home, office, and your life.

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