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Fall in Love…with your Bathroom!

February 1st, 2014

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Happy February! This month often brings to mind red and pink and romance but in February we are talking bathrooms. More specifically, how much we love to organize bathrooms.

One of our favourite bathroom transformations was this organizing project. Isn’t it amazing how much one person can pack into a cabinet? Seriously, it was impressive.

You can jam and squeeze and tuck all your bathroom accessories and tools and bottles into your available cabinets and drawers, but eventually it will become an overwhelming jumble that will make the start of your day a frustrating juggle.

There are a few reasons why the bathroom is an excellent place to start an organizing project:
a) it typically only takes an afternoon so you have time to celebrate when you’re done and b) I’ve noticed people have less emotional attachment to their bathroom products and can therefore discard with less stress.

Let’s start small to ease you in – we would like to inspire you to take 10 minutes to purge a drawer (or even two) in your bathroom. You’ll need a garbage bag and a bag to designate for donations. Not only will you be embarking on a beautiful project with immediate results, the women’s shelter will love your generosity. Doesn’t that seem fitting for February?

All this month on our Blog we are whipping your washroom into shape to make this small but important space clean, clutter-free and accessible. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for more year-round decluttering tips and elegant advice for organizing your home, office, and your life.

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