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Contain the Bathroom Clutter

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As a professional organizer, it never fails to amaze me how everyone’s bathroom cabinet gobbles up containers, hair ties, cotton balls and medical supplies. Literally, it’s like it eats them. Where do they go?

It’s not a total mystery – the truth is deep cabinets and small bottles and accessories that rattle and roll around are truly a great match for losing things. The good news is there’s an easy way around this.

Unload all the items from your cabinet or drawer. Group like items so you can determine what best type/size containers you should use/purchase. I love baskets that line the entire bottom of your bathroom cabinet. They make it much harder for the small items to get away.

If you have some space under the sink, I recommend using stacking containers with front access for this pipe-filled space.

Once all your bathroom treasures are contained you can locate items easier and it makes your morning routine one step closer to being stress-free.

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