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A Scan-dalous Paper Solution

In order to succeed professional organizer vancouver bc scan-dalous solution ecoWe all want to attempt going paperless in a paper-filled world. It’s a grand idea that sounds so amazing, but how can it practically be done?

I have discovered that having an incredible scanner turns that idea into reality.

I recently treated In Order To Succeed to a ScanSnap desktop scanner. Let’s just say: Best. Decision. Of. All. Time.

To effectively go paperless you not only need the right scanning tool, but you also require a great document labeling methodology.

Why? If you’re at all prone to paper clutter on your desk, you may find yourself just as easily immersed in electronic clutter. If that happens, you may have difficulty locating all the documents you scanned. This can lead you down a troublesome path where you have a fear of losing the electronic files so you hang onto the paperwork and suddenly you have both physical and computer clutter.

Want some tips on creating a great folder system and labeling methodology? Call me and we can collaborate and develop one together in an afternoon!

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