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Save a Mint

March 15th, 2014

IOTS Mar 16, 2014 Mint.com Blog POst

As we approach tax time, any small business owner knows that having your budgets and expenses ready to hand over to an accountant is so important.

Are you ready? Do you pride yourself on your impeccable budgeting spreadsheet? Is it colour coded and oh so detailed?

Confession time – are you 5 months behind on data entry into said spreadsheet and never have time to analyze how your budget is working for or against you? I love that you started this organizing project, but I think it’s time to fine-tune it.

I have a solution.

Within 5 minutes of using Mint.com you’ll have a system that auto enters your expenses by pulling them directly from your accounts.


It already knows what category ‘Esso’ falls into, and you can train it to apply specific categories to assigned businesses. It will email you if you’re over budget along with a plethora of other fabulous features.

If you find yourself thinking, “That sounds great but surely it’s going to take way too long to transition over,” I promise it won’t.

Save time and be on top of your bottom line with this simple tool for your personal and business use.

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