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The Security of a Stocked Closet

April 12th, 2014

Apr 12 2014 IOTS Blog Post  Image In Order to succeed  professional organizer vancouver bc

It’s just an office supply closet. Every office has one. I see them all the time when I’m creating new office organizing solutions. But it’s more than meets the eye.

If a supply area in an office is disorganized, there is a subtle fallout felt throughout the office. It’s a particular psychological shift staff experience when they can no longer rely on their trusted supplies being in stock. They start to collect their favourite work accoutrements.  Scurry away extra quantities of their most prized supplies in fear of stock famine. This not only clutters their workspace but also makes it challenging for consistent re-ordering procedures (should there be any).

Where the problem lies is that over time, people come and go from a workspace. Workspaces rarely get cleared out before the next employee starts. The cycle starts again as the new staff start collecting items out of fear. Finally everything is overflowing, nothing can be found and the inventory is extremely challenging to calculate.

That’s why your office requires three components for the wellbeing of the entire staff. You need a solid stocking routine, a purging process and a dedicated volunteer organizer willing to inventory and maintain the routine. Set these ideas in motion and start freeing your staff’s space, minds and time while simultaneously getting your office organized.

As a professional organizer I have a unique perspective on what helps an office run smoothly. Ensuring your office supply closet is in order is a simple way to make your office an efficient and money-saving workplace. Join me this month on my website for weekly Blog Posts with ideas and tips for keeping that all-important office space maintained and organized. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for more decluttering tips and elegant advice for organizing your home, office, and your life.

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