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Love at First Label

IOTS label maker vancouver bc professional organizer

In an office environment, when working with groups of people, it’s not enough for some people to know where things go. Everyone if asked should know where extra quantities of x and y are stored. It needs to be very clear.

That’s where your $20 label maker becomes an invaluable asset.

As a professional organizer I love many inanimate objects. The label maker is one of my favourites. You will love it too. That’s the first step; then you must use it always. Make it your must-have office tool. Define the spots where things go and then commit by containing them and labelling them. Label everything that exists in a group space.

When I say label everything I even mean label the item and then label the shelf that item lives on. Then label the container that sits on the shelf that the item sits in. That is an organizer’s dream.

If you do this, things will get found with ease, put back with ease and you’ll be making a profit on the productivity of your staff. Sound good? Invest in a label maker and see how it can transform your workplace today.

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