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Basics of Strength Training

May 3rd, 2014

As a busy professional organizer, taking the time and steps to ensure my health is a priority can be difficult. Trying to juggle work, play and healthy mindfulness is a struggle all of us can relate to. This month we’re having fun as we turn the weekly Blog Posts and Monthly Email Exclusive over to Fitness Coach Yvette Ravai. Get ready for the best tips and strategies for ensuring you can easily incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your busy existing lifestyle.

rozman basics strength training blog may 3, 2014

Many people know they need to strength train but are unsure where to start. I’m here to help with some simple steps to get you going!

1. Organize the times and days you want to train – make it a priority on your calendar.

2. Strength train at least 2 to 3 times per week with 48 hours rest in between. Waiting 48 hours allows for the muscles to repair and avoids over-use of muscles which could cause injury.

3. I recommend doing a full body workout – this is time effective and you won’t have to live at the gym.

4. Start with 8-10 exercises, 10-15 reps per set and complete 2 to 3 sets. This includes a 5 minute warm up and 5 minutes of stretching at the end, so your total time is around 40-60 minutes.

5. You want to change your program at least every 3 weeks, as the body will plateau. To achieve your best results, I highly recommend getting a trainer. They can ensure your form is correct and help devise a custom program for your fitness goals.

As with any physical lifestyle change, please consult a physician first if you are new to exercise or have any injuries. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a complimentary 45 minute health consultation, please contact me at yravai@shaw.ca.

For optimum flexibility, I train my clients in their homes and I also provide all of the necessary equipment.

In good health,

yvette ravai personal trainer vancouver bc

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