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Basics of Cardiovascular Exercise

May 10th, 2014

For the month of May, guest writer and Fitness Coach Yvette Ravai is sharing her favourite healthy lifestyle tips on our Blog and Email Exclusive. We hope you find them as inspiring and powerful as we do.

basics of cardio exercise benefits

We all know there are so many benefits to cardio exercise such as: reduction in blood pressure, increased HDL-cholesterol (the good one), decreased total cholesterol, decreased body fat, decrease of symptoms of anxiety and depression and increased heart function.

If you have hit a motivational roadblock with your cardio activity, it’s best to find an exercise that you enjoy, as this will get you excited to exercise again. For example, if you want to learn how to run properly or start running again, but find it hard to get motivated, join a running group as this will make you accountable.

Most people think you need to do 45-60 minutes of cardio, but you can start with 30 minutes as your base. Just remember – to achieve significant benefits the cardiovascular activity needs to provide appropriate intensity. In those 30 minutes, you want to do a 5 minute warm up at low intensity, 15 minutes of higher intensity cardio, and then cool down for the last 5 minutes. When finished your workout, don’t forget to stretch all the muscles groups used.

We all need to start somewhere. If you’re just getting into cardio workouts, you may need to work at a lower level for a few weeks until you build up enough tolerance to the activity and can work at a higher intensity. That’s called progress and it will feel wonderful!

The easiest way to ensure you carve out time in your life for cardio is to review your schedule for the week on Sunday, and then schedule workouts in your calendar, phone, or computer. For optimal results, schedule 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 3 to 7 times per week.

As with any physical lifestyle change, please consult a physician first if you are new to exercise or have any injuries. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a complimentary 45 minute health consultation, please contact me at yravai@shaw.ca For optimum flexibility, I train my clients in their homes and I also provide all of the necessary equipment.

In good health,

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