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Necessary Nutrients for Fitness

May 24th, 2014

For the month of May, guest writer and Fitness Coach Yvette Ravai shared her favourite healthy lifestyle tips on our Blog and Email Exclusive. We hope you found them as inspiring and powerful as we did.

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When setting fitness goals, exercise is just one part of the puzzle. What you choose to eat plays a large part in your health journey.

The common misconception is that to lose weight you have to diet. Eating healthily doesn’t mean dieting; rather it’s about incorporating better choices into each day, which can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Read Labels
It’s so important to know how to read a nutrition label. Many of us think we know what we’re eating until we actually look at the nutritional information and the actual calories you are consuming per portion.

Avoid Processed Foods
There are too many processed foods available that are appealing due to the convenience factor. I know that life is busy, but buying and making food from scratch will allow you to save money in the long run and you will be secure knowing what exactly is in your meals.

Time Management
Healthy eating takes some time and planning. Set aside part of a Sunday to plan all your meals for the week and then go grocery shopping with a clear list. By doing this you can avoid living at the grocery store and know you’ll make good choices after a long day. If you have a family, get them involved in meal planning and cooking – it’s an easy lesson in making healthy choices and beginner cooking lessons.

Fuel Up Properly Pre & Post Workout
It’s so important to drink water and eat a lean protein and complex carbohydrate 30-60 minutes before you exercise, as this will fuel your energy and muscles. After exercise eat a lean protein and complex carbohydrate no later than 30 minutes after. This will repair, restore and energize you after your workout.

Keep a Food Journal
I recommend food journaling as you will see what you eat, when you eat and why. Just take 5 minutes at the end of each day and write down what you ate. This will inspire and motivate you!

As with any physical lifestyle change, please consult a physician first if you are new to exercise or have any injuries. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a complimentary 45 minute health consultation, please contact me at yravai@shaw.ca.

For optimum flexibility, I train my clients in their homes and I also provide all of the necessary equipment.

In good health,

yvette ravai personal trainer vancouver bc

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