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Our Favourite Fitness Apps

May 31st, 2014

For the month of May, guest writer and Fitness Coach Yvette Ravai shared her favourite healthy lifestyle tips on our Blog and Email Exclusive. We needed to know what her favourite fitness Apps were before the month-long series came to an end, so here they are!

Finding the right motivation can be a stumbling block for many on their path to renewed health and fitness goals. Here are my two favourite Apps for staying inspired and invigorated!

in order to succeed fitness apps favourite

The GymPact App has found a clever way to inspire you to stick with your fitness – they make you accountable using your wallet!

How does it work? You first make a commitment to work out a certain number of times a week. You then choose the amount of money you are willing to risk if you don’t reach your goal. If you don’t achieve your goal, your credit card gets charged. If you achieve your goal, you get paid! The days of being paid to work out have finally come!

Compatibility: iPhone and Android / Cost: Free

The Hot5 APP is hands-down one of my favourite App of 2014. Whether you want to focus on your abs, your core, explore yoga or increase flexibility, Hot5 has pages and pages of 5-minute video workouts that are super easy to follow. You can choose from a variety of intensities that will work you out fully with only five moves.

The best part? Hot5 is completely free. No hidden costs, no paid upgrades. Hot5 gives you a continual stream of healthy moves and motivation without costing you a penny.

Compatibility: iPhone / Cost: Free

Thank you for a wonderful month and I hope you have been inspired to get moving as the weather turns to warmer temperatures and the outdoors beckon.

As with any physical lifestyle change, please consult a physician first if you are new to exercise or have any injuries.

I’m excited to share my Spring/Summer 2014 promotion with the readers of In Order To Succeed. Purchase 3 sessions (55 minutes each session) for only $135. Offer expires end of August 2014.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a complimentary 45 minute health consultation, please contact me at yravai@shaw.ca.

In good health,


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