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Kitchen Surprises

As a professional organizer, every day I have the great privilege of helping my clients transform their spaces. The laughs that fill the air as we work, and the excitement when everything comes together at the end of a project is so infectious. It makes sense why I come home every night exhausted but exhilarated, right?

I collect the moments from these days and log them in my memory, but I’d like to share a fun story with you now.

Last week a client and I were enjoying a glorious day of kitchen organizing. Everything was going along as planned when I noticed she’d removed all the knives from the knife block. I thought that was interesting as very few clients purge their knives. I continued to sort the spices and then paused in wonder at what she did next.

Something unexpected and amazing happened! Can you guess?

She brought out one of those cans of high pressured air, used to clean computer keyboards, and started spraying it in the knife block grooves.

Poof, out flew all the debris in there and voila – a clean home for those beautiful knives.

I really wish I had a cheering squad because this was outstanding.

As she finished, I told her to “hold that pose” while I laughed and snapped the pic below.

IOTS Jun 21, 2014 Blog Post knife holder cleaner

Bravo Jane – thank you for teaching me something new and reaffirming I have the very best job.

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