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Time to Study

July 12th, 2014

Even though summer is still in full swing, I’m thinking ahead to the sweet days of September when fresh-faced young adults will descend onto college campuses.

I’d love it if you share this with anyone heading off soon to their next great educational adventure.

IOTS Jul 12 Blog Post study habits for success in order to succeed

For any new student starting their post-secondary education, university hours feel like a vacation compared to the long days spent in the high school classroom.

Don’t get too comfortable though. You may only have 15 hours of in-class time per week, but researchers suggest you should be studying 2 hours for every hour spent in class.

That number of hours suddenly jumping sounds intimidating, but please don’t panic. Think of it like this: the average work week is 40 hours. The average student is in a high-school classroom 35 hours a week, plus homework in the evenings. So, really the new math isn’t too terrible.

To help you get comfortable with this new studying routine and avoid being overwhelmed, I would highly recommend scheduling this amount of study hours into your calendar each week. Be sure to select a high energy time of day (something tells me early mornings and the middle of the afternoon are out).

Remember: you are brilliant and we’re all cheering for you!

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