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Apartment Therapy

August 9th, 2014

As a professional organizer I am inspired by so many things: my fantastic clients, trusted partners, the world around me and, of course, the Internet.

One of my favourite websites to click around after a long day is Apartment Therapy, the site that shows all the amazing ways you can style and organize your home.

apartment therapy 1

Apartment Therapy’s tagline is “Saving the world, one room at a time.” Considering how often I feel like a superhero after I organize and revitalize a client’s space, I feel a lovely kinship with this site.

apartment therapy 2

Whether they are demonstrating fantastic ways to keep small spaces free of clutter yet full of personality, showcasing unique and wonderful décor styles, or inspiring change via thorough Before & Afters, you’ll definitely want to play with your space after you tour the site.

apartment therapy 3

Do you love Apartment Therapy too? What section of the site do you find most inspiring?

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