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Room In Order

August 23rd, 2014

As I have mentioned before, as a professional organizer I am inspired by so many different things: my incredible clients, colleagues near and far, the Internet and, of course, local businesses.

One of my favourite Vancouver-based shops to find inspiration in (both in-person and online) is Room In Order, a business “created to offer customers innovative, high quality and functional organizational products that shows all the amazing ways you can style and organize your home.”

Sounds amazing, right? Here are a few of my favourite items they stock.

This Tower Accessory Holder for the bedroom is simple and stylish.

room in order vancouver bc professional organizer

This Beautes Hair Dryer & Iron Holder can be stored under the bathroom sink.

vancouver bc professional organizer bathroom storage for hair dryer

Wrangle unruly plastic bags in the kitchen with this Grocery Bag Dispenser.

vancouver bc professional organizers grocery bag storage

Do you love shopping for tools to better organize your home too? What shops or websites do you find most inspiring?

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