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Building Your New Home Part One: Day Dream to Reality

As a professional organizer I see many different types of spaces – bustling offices and busy homes running beautifully.

Occasionally I have the great fortune of helping a client get organized to move as they are building a new home. They are literally starting from the ground up!

designing dream home professional organizer

Are you thinking of building a new home? Congratulations! I know from experience there will be many decisions to make and things to think about, so where should you begin?

Start by thinking about all the things you love about your current home. Then, anything you loved about homes you previously inhabited. This is a great launching point for designing some of the familiar but new and exciting parts of your new home.

Next, consider the opposite – some of the things you don’t or didn’t enjoy about the homes you’ve had. Perhaps you have the solutions? Walk through your home with a careful eye and start pondering what truly works and what doesn’t.

Guess what? You’re on your way to your dream home!

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