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Building Your New Home Part Two: Must Have vs Want

You’re building your own home – what an amazing undertaking!

Last week we asked that you take stock of what you love in your current home and this week we’re focusing on creating two lists. After all, as a professional organizer, lists are one of my favourite things.

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So, if you’re like most of us, in your mind your dream house probably looks like a mansion in Beverly Hills. That’s a perfect daydream, but what about your budget? How do you wrangle in all your fabulous ideas so you can stay on track with spending?

Well, you might have guessed the answer based on the name of this blog.

Divide your ideas into two lists: the Must Have’s and the Wants. Once you’re on target for the Must Have’s you can always squeeze in your Wants. It’s also wise to knock 20% of your budget off and use that total. Watching my clients build and move, I know you’ll need that extra 20% for surprises. Expensive surprises. ☺

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