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Building Your New Home Part Three: Creating Your Home Binder

(Welcome to Part Three of my series, Building your New Home. Catch up on Part One here and Part Two here.)

Planning for your new home is detail-oriented and not everyone loves that element. Now that you’ve started thinking of all the ways this dream home of yours will look, it’s time to make sure your vision stays on track and remains organized.

Enter the binder. It’s a professional organizer’s best friend and you will love it too.

professional organizer building dream home binder

I’m sure you’ve already started to collect scraps of material, business cards, inspirational samples and more for your new home. Now it’s time to get a binder organized.

When purchasing your binder, keep in mind you’ll need at least 10 labelled sections. You can build your sections as you need them, but getting everything into one spot sooner rather than later will pay off down the line.

While you’re at it, you may want to purchase business card holder sheets for the binder so that you can corral any new contacts you meet during your home building journey.

Keep that binder with you for any meetings and appointments you have in regards to your home building process, and you’ll always have your vision and contacts right at your fingertips.

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