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Size Matters

As a professional organizer I have seen many varieties, colours and sizes of storage vessels which come in handy when my clients ask – what size of container should I buy?

Well, the answer isn’t so simple. There are a set of steps involved before you do any purchasing, so let’s get started.

Pick a space that needs some organizing love and combine all like objects. Then comes the time to purge the items you no longer love, use or want. Be strong and discard the items that don’t support your life. It can be a difficult task but I believe in you!

Next, think about the place in your home where you use these items most often. Let’s use magazines as an example. (Magazines can be found strewn across every room which can turn into clutter so quickly.) If you always read magazines before you fall asleep, they should be kept beside your bed. So, you’re going to measure the size of an average magazine and also measure the space beside your bed. Complete the project by purchasing a container that flatters the space and can easily contain the magazines.

bedroom storage ideas in order to succeed

Voila! A useful storage spot that is also organized!

(Image via mirror.co.uk)


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