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Organizing Halloween

November 1st, 2014

Halloween comes but once a year, but if you don’t get it all put away properly afterwards, you’ll still be looking at cobwebs at the end of November. It’s funny how one specific time of year something is spooky and fun, but any other time it means you missed a spot while dusting. 🙂

Getting your Halloween accessories, decorations and costumes all organized doesn’t have to be a scary process. Here are three quick tips on organizing all your spooky stuff. 

organize halloween

1. If you don’t have that much stuff, there’s no need to over-categorize. Consolidate all the pieces you want to keep and buy an appropriate-sized clear container. Label both ends “Halloween” and zabam – you’re done! For smaller items or ones that might leak, you can use Ziploc bags within the container.

2. If you’re a family that prides yourself on decorating then you’re the best neighbour around, but you will need to do a little more sorting. Be careful of buying containers that are too large – they can be difficult to store and there’s a tendency to over pack them and make them impossible to lift.  I suggest getting three separate containers – store costumes in one, indoor decor in another and outdoor decor in your final bin.

3. Awkward and over-sized items aren’t always able to fit into containers. You may find vacuum bags a helpful tool to shrink wrap some of the unruly soft items. Large items may be best kept leaning in a corner wrapped in a clear bag (think mattress cover) or hanging on a peg. 

Now that you’ve put Halloween away for another year, time to reward yourself with a little bit of your favourite candy!

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