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How To Give Back During the Holidays

December 27th, 2014

Once the dust and shredded wrapping paper has settled, you’re now probably looking wide-eyed at all your gifts and thinking, “Where oh where am I going to put these?”

Your lovely Aunt Alice means well, but she has once again gifted you something you simply won’t use. You’ve received a duplicate gift that will sit and take up space. There is no chance you will ever use up all the bubble bath now clogging your bathroom closet.

IOTS Dec 27 2014 Blog Img

The great news is that donating these unwanted or unneeded Christmas gifts is a wonderful way to give back to your community. As we’ve mentioned in previous years, it feels amazing to donate to the Eastside Women’s Centre. They appreciate used toiletries, towels, seasonal clothes and shoes. The smiles the donations bring banish any post-Christmas blues.

Is your pantry still full? Here is a great list of items the Food Bank needs. Remember – they love donations all year round too.

When you have more than you need, donating to others in need truly creates the warm holiday fuzzies.

For this final merry month of the year we looked back, looked forward and shared our best tips for holiday organizing. Follow along with us every week on the website where a new and inspiring Blog Post goes live. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for a new year of decluttering tips and elegant advice for organizing your home, office, and your life.

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