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The Root of your Scheduling Crisis

As a small business owner, for many years I believed that my schedule was out of my control.

Even though my passion was to inspire my clients to get organized and re-gain control over the details of their lives, I was ignoring the cracks in my own overflowing life.

profesional organizer scheduling help

While I was extremely fulfilled by my work, I had no time for myself or loved ones.

I worked 12 – 14 hours a day and was constantly exhausted.

It was a total surprise to me when I dug deep and realized that I was the one in control of my schedule.

I forgot that I choose what to do with my time and I was choosing to over-schedule and over-exert myself.

Why? I used my business as a perfect excuse to not work on the fragile areas of my life that scared me, such as relationships.

Once I gained some clarity, I was able to step back and then go forward with a new outlook and attitude towards my “busy” excuses.

Does this behaviour sound familiar? Are you over-scheduling? How can you make some real changes? Let me know in the Comments.

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