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How to Easily Schedule a Group Event

As a professional organizer, I work solo on most projects but have great collaborations with fantastic professionals on others. It’s a varied way of working and it leads to inspiring days where I love my job even more than I thought possible.

The only tricky element to group projects is arranging a good time for everyone to meet. With everyone’s busy schedules, a long email string of regrets and new date suggestions can be a headache to keep track of. The worst-case scenario is the meeting just doesn’t happen because everyone is schedule fatigued.

Great news – we found an amazing solution that helps a group easily find a convenient time to meet up.

Meet Doodle.com.

professional organizer vancouver bc doodle.com

It’s so simple to use. You indicate dates and times you are available to meet. Each member of the group can access the calendar and do the same until you are then left with the best possible date and time for everyone to meet.

Save time, energy and your sanity with this simple tool!

Have you signed up for Doodle.com already? If so, tell me how it has saved you time in the Comments.

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