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How to Organize Your Crawlspace

Today I want to talk about the least romantic space in your home. The cob-webbed dusty disaster that is your crawl space.

I know you hate going in there. It’s uncomfortable, cramped, cold, and everything that is difficult to organize or store inevitably sits there. I completely understand how organizing this area would be the very last item on your To-Do list.

However, you can make a drastic improvement on your crawl space with just a couple organizing tools. Arm yourself with the following supplies for a productive afternoon of crawl space organization.

  • Garbage bags
  • Recycling bags
  • Clear containers: start with 2 large (70 L), 6 medium (40 – 50 L) and 4 small (6 L).
    (Do not get the ones with wheels or clips – they will inevitably break off)
  • Shelving: start with two of these from Canadian Tire
    (Avoid adjustable shelves as the clips often break off over time)

Start by simply combining like items. For example, sort wrapping supplies into bows & ribbon, tissue, boxes, wrapping paper etc.

Once that step is complete, go back through each pile and divide items into Keep or Toss.

Assign the appropriate container for each pile, load it in and remember to label it.

Once you’ve contained all the items into labeled containers, put together a shelf (or two as needed) to hold your containers.


IOTS CrawlSpace Before and After 1

Your crawl space will look and feel like a total organized success!

If you get stuck and need assistance, I’m always here to help.

Or you might get a little bit inspired with these Before & After pictures from a recent crawlspace project. 🙂

IOTS CrawlSpace Before and After 2

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