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How to Digitize Your Music Collection

Remember the golden age of music where we all ran out to buy CD’s? Most of us never forget because we stare at a dusty shelf of CD’s in our home every day.

You know you should digitize this collection of music. Once complete, you’ll have all those excellent tunes available on your phone and computer, plus all that extra shelf space.

It can be a daunting task to initiate though.

If you’re stuck and need some inspiration to get started, here is how I managed the “impossible” a couple of years ago.

how to digitize your cd collection

First off, to complete this project you’re going to need to commit to getting it done. You can set aside a week straight to be a data transfer junkie, or you can dedicate one hour an evening to the project.

In the evening I set a timer, got a bag for completed CD’s (to be donated) and committed to ten CD’s a day.

When did I find the time? I made the time, but it wasn’t difficult. I did this project while preparing dinner, doing household chores and while reading.

Once that pile of ten CD’s was transferred and bagged up for donation, I set out the next ten CD’s on my desk chair so I was reminded to get to work the next day.

When I was all finished digitizing, I donated all my CD’s and absolutely adore that I now have access to all my music anytime and anywhere.

At the touch of a finger I can play my music from my iPhone in the car and through my sound system from any room in my home.

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Don’t let yours sit silently on the shelf for one minute more! You can do it!

As always, if you’re having difficulty with an organizing project, I am here to help.

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