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Why a Good Organizing System Fails

You may think any kind of organizing system is wonderful, but trust me. As a professional organizer I have seen many systems fail because they were not designed to work with how the person using it thinks or their organizing personality.

I regularly have clients ask me to help get their child or partner organized. I understand that urge, as being the only organized member of the family can be difficult. However, when the client tells me they’ve put in the best systems but their partner/child still won’t use them, I know why.

why good organizing systems fail

Here are the two main reasons why these good organizing systems fail.

1) The person doesn’t actually know how to use it. You may feel like it’s so obvious and I’d gently remind you that for you, yes it is. But the system isn’t for you.

2) The system isn’t right for your partner. In fact, they may need a system that you wouldn’t think of because, quite simply you don’t think like them. When faced with a failed system, ask questions like “what works about this system?” and “what doesn’t work for you about this system?” Their answers will give you key insights to how you can support them further and create a great organizing system going forward.

Or, you can always ask me, as I’d love to create a system that works for both of you, the first time.

Have you experienced a similar situation with a partner? Tell me all about it in the Comments.

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