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Becoming a Professional Organizer

I often get asked how I came to be a professional organizer, so I thought this month would be a great time to share my journey to my dream career.

how to become a professional organizer

When I started out, as an organizing contractor, I realized that meeting other organizers and gaining valuable connections through the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada Association) was important. I was excited to join and attend their meetings, but I was also intimidated.

I arrived to my first meeting right on time, quickly and quietly sat down, and listened to the presenter. I collected a couple business cards from the women sitting behind me and then basically ran away, fearful I wouldn’t fit in. (I remember this so vividly now and laugh. What on earth was I so afraid of?)

I eventually gathered my courage and emailed my resume to the women who owned those cards I’d collected. I also looked at the POC website and sent my resume to the 10 organizers who had been in business the longest in Vancouver at the time. (They were marked with a silver leaf on the POC website and easy to contact.)

The email was just my resume and a request for a meeting over coffee. I was so pleased when 10 organizers responded to me, and within three weeks I had my first project. Amazing!

Another organizer called me and asked if I could organize someone’s bathroom in my area. I thought, “Is this for real?” and sure enough it was. Wonderfully amazing!

The next few months were a happy blur of projects as I started contracting for many organizers on my weekends. This start into the organizing world was filled with invaluable experiences that I would never have achieved had I not reached out to the kind and generous established professional organizers in the POC.

This avenue worked for me and if you’re inspired to join the POC, I hope you’ll find all the success you desire by reaching out too.

Have any questions about this amazing profession? Ask me in the Comments.

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