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Becoming a Professional Organizer: The Business Side

(I often get asked about my unique profession, so this month I wanted to share with you my journey to my dream career. If you missed it, here is Part One where I shared my introduction to this new world of changing lives.)

After working as an organizing contractor for many months I realized that deep down it was time: I wanted to direct my own projects and have my own clients.

Early on, I was incredibly lucky to have met my first business partner, Pamela, on-site of a large organizing project.

We naturally gravitated to working together each day, and eventually went for coffee. I recall joking that “we should have our own business” but Pamela heard it as a serious idea.

business side of professional organizing

Within a couple of weeks we had a dedicated phone number for the business and had brainstormed our business name.

When I look back, I think how lucky I was to really not know anything about business. That sounds funny I know, but think of it this way – I entered into this new business with lots of love.

Being naively fearless was perfect.

We learned how to be amazing business women by making mistakes, and honestly, it was a great way to learn.

Even when the government unexpectedly asked me for $17,000 at tax time – I faced that challenge and turned it into a lesson I would never forget.

I know now that every step, or misstep, you take as a business owner creates your path towards becoming a dynamic and powerful business person.

Have any questions about this amazing profession? Ask me in the Comments.

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