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Becoming a Professional Organizer: What I Wish I’d Known

 I often get asked about my unique profession, so I wanted to share with you my journey to my dream career. If you missed it, here are Part One and Part Two where I shared my introduction to this new world and how the start was anything but smooth.)

As a positive person, I rarely dwell on the negative and try to think of missteps as learning opportunities. However, when I think about the early days of my professional organizer business, I wish I could somehow whisper a few things into my ear back then.

I wish I’d spent more time as an organizing contractor beforehand, learning from already empowered and brilliant people in the field. I could have watched how they juggle all the steps of a project, absorbed their knowledge and stepped into my own business a little more prepared for what I was walking into.

What I really wish I’d known beforehand was that running a business isn’t glamorous. In order to make money you need hands-on billable hours for income. However, actually running the company happens outside of those hands-on client hours. You may work an 8 hour day and feel wonderful and accomplished, but you don’t get to kick your feet up in the evening. That’s when the other half of running your business happens.

IOTS May 16 2015 Blog Img

On your daily To Do List you must find the time to: follow up on new business opportunities, answer emails, and sign up for continued education opportunities. Don’t forget that you need to plan for your client’s project the next day and, oh yes; your car is still filled to the brim with donations for charity.

There will never be enough hours in the day when you have your own business. But I promise that if you love what you do, anything is possible. It will take your very best time management skills, patience and positive energy, but I know this for sure – the outcome is absolutely worth the investment.

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