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Summer Clothing Swap

June 13th, 2015

As a professional organizer, I love to use the seasons to help initiate some fun organizing projects. With the impending arrival of summer comes the unearthing of my summer wardrobe. Inevitably there are a few pieces that I no longer love or feel amazing wearing out.

We all have those pieces kicking around our closets, right? My favourite solution is a clothing swap party! When you host your friends and their respective closet cast-offs, your cherished old clothes become someone else’s new favourites.

clothing swap professional organizer kyla rozman

This idea is amazing in so many ways. It’s much easier to let go of things when you know they’re going to someone who will love them. It’s a chance to add colour and style to your summer wardrobe for free.
It’s a wonderful excuse to gather with dear friends before everyone scatters out on summer adventures.

So, set a date, buy some wine and invite all the women you love for a Clothing Swap!

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