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When to Choose a Consignment Shop

One of my most common organizing projects with clients is the closet clean-up. As we separate clothing into piles and make tough decisions about what to let go, the most common excuse I hear in defence of keeping an item is “but it was so expensive!”

Often they know this because the price tags are still dangling off the sleeves of the unworn and unloved items.

After years of experience, when I hear those words, I know they don’t actually love the clothing item and would let it go if they didn’t feel guilty about that wasted money.

My go-to solution? Consider consignment!

turnabout consignment shop

(img via turnabout.ca)

Stores like Turnabout provide a wonderful service by taking your pricey unwanted clothing and selling it for you. You get to free up space in your closet and enjoy some financial reimbursements.

So, when you’re sorting through your summer wardrobe, don’t forget to make a consignment pile! Have you used a consignment shop before? Tell me about your experience in the Comments.

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