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When to Choose a Consignment Shop

June 27th, 2015

One of my most common summer organizing projects with clients is the closet clean-up. As we separate clothing into piles and make tough decisions about what to let go, the most common excuse I hear in defence of keeping an item is “but it was so expensive!”

Often they know this because the price tags are still dangling off the sleeves of the unworn and unloved items.

After years of experience, when I hear those words, I know they don’t actually love the clothing item and would let it go if they didn’t feel guilty about that wasted money.

My go-to solution? Consider consignment!

turnabout consignment shop

(img via turnabout.ca)

Stores like Turnabout provide a wonderful service by taking your pricey unwanted clothing and selling it for you.

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Summer Clothing Swap

June 13th, 2015

As a professional organizer, I love to use the seasons to help initiate some fun organizing projects. With the impending arrival of summer comes the unearthing of my summer wardrobe. Inevitably there are a few pieces that I no longer love or feel amazing wearing out.

We all have those pieces kicking around our closets, right? My favourite solution is a clothing swap party! When you host your friends and their respective closet cast-offs, your cherished old clothes become someone else’s new favourites.

clothing swap professional organizer kyla rozman

This idea is amazing in so many ways. It’s much easier to let go of things when you know they’re going to someone who will love them. It’s a chance to add colour and style to your summer wardrobe for free.

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Living with a Disorganized Partner

March 14th, 2015

Looking back, I see a clear pattern in my life.

Oddly enough, as a professional organizer, I seem to attract amazing men that also happen to be extremely disorganized.

At first, I would be excited to support them in getting organized. However, after many (failed) attempts to solve their disorganized mysteries, and multiple (failed) systems later, I would always feel depleted and resentful – two emotions that are extremely uncomfortable to admit to.

With my current partner, I’m proud to say I was able to shift my perspective to avoid previous disasters. I have accepted that my partner will never be able to get his keys into the key tray near the front door, ever, no matter how awesome I think that system is.

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How to Digitize Your Music Collection

February 21st, 2015

Remember the golden age of music where we all ran out to buy CD’s? Most of us never forget because we stare at a dusty shelf of CD’s in our home every day.

You know you should digitize this collection of music. Once complete, you’ll have all those excellent tunes available on your phone and computer, plus all that extra shelf space.

It can be a daunting task to initiate though.

If you’re stuck and need some inspiration to get started, here is how I managed the “impossible” a couple of years ago.

how to digitize your cd collection

First off, to complete this project you’re going to need to commit to getting it done. You can set aside a week straight to be a data transfer junkie, or you can dedicate one hour an evening to the project.

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How to Organize Your Crawlspace

February 7th, 2015

February is here! It’s the most romantic month of the year, but today we’re talking about the least romantic space in your home. The cob-webbed dusty disaster that is your crawl space.

I know you hate going in there. It’s uncomfortable, cramped, cold, and everything that is difficult to organize or store inevitably sits there. I completely understand how organizing this area would be the very last item on your To-Do list.

However, you can make a drastic improvement on your crawl space with just a couple organizing tools. Arm yourself with the following supplies for a productive afternoon of crawl space organization.

  • Garbage bags
  • Recycling bags
  • Clear containers: start with 2 large (70 L), 6 medium (40 – 50 L) and 4 small (6 L).

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