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Remembering to Stop and Smell the Roses

July 25th, 2015

Summer has been so busy for us! We’ve had so many delightful projects, clients, experiences and long full days.

Every now and then we have to remind ourselves to stop, sit down, breathe and take it all in.

On a recent project we snapped these beautiful shots of our view from a sky-high patio.

don't forget to stop and smell the roses - In Order To Succeed

beautiful vancouver BC - In Order To Succeed

Vancouver is a bustling city that never stops, just like us.

But when we do pause and soak it all in, it’s so amazing.

Do you remember to breathe when you’re busy?

Do you feel gratitude in the middle of a hectic day?

Do you take care of your health in the midst of a go go go season?

It can be so difficult to stop and smell the roses, but we’re making that a priority this summer.

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When to Choose a Consignment Shop

June 27th, 2015

One of my most common summer organizing projects with clients is the closet clean-up. As we separate clothing into piles and make tough decisions about what to let go, the most common excuse I hear in defence of keeping an item is “but it was so expensive!”

Often they know this because the price tags are still dangling off the sleeves of the unworn and unloved items.

After years of experience, when I hear those words, I know they don’t actually love the clothing item and would let it go if they didn’t feel guilty about that wasted money.

My go-to solution? Consider consignment!

turnabout consignment shop

(img via turnabout.ca)

Stores like Turnabout provide a wonderful service by taking your pricey unwanted clothing and selling it for you.

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Summer Clothing Swap

June 13th, 2015

As a professional organizer, I love to use the seasons to help initiate some fun organizing projects. With the impending arrival of summer comes the unearthing of my summer wardrobe. Inevitably there are a few pieces that I no longer love or feel amazing wearing out.

We all have those pieces kicking around our closets, right? My favourite solution is a clothing swap party! When you host your friends and their respective closet cast-offs, your cherished old clothes become someone else’s new favourites.

clothing swap professional organizer kyla rozman

This idea is amazing in so many ways. It’s much easier to let go of things when you know they’re going to someone who will love them. It’s a chance to add colour and style to your summer wardrobe for free.

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Becoming a Professional Organizer: What I Wish I’d Known

May 16th, 2015

 I often get asked about my unique profession, so I wanted to share with you my journey to my dream career. If you missed it, here are Part One and Part Two where I shared my introduction to this new world and how the start was anything but smooth.)

As a positive person, I rarely dwell on the negative and try to think of missteps as learning opportunities. However, when I think about the early days of my professional organizer business, I wish I could somehow whisper a few things into my ear back then.

I wish I’d spent more time as an organizing contractor beforehand, learning from already empowered and brilliant people in the field. I could have watched how they juggle all the steps of a project, absorbed their knowledge and stepped into my own business a little more prepared for what I was walking into.

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Becoming a Professional Organizer: The Business Side

April 25th, 2015

(I often get asked about my unique profession, so this month I wanted to share with you my journey to my dream career. If you missed it, here is Part One where I shared my introduction to this new world of changing lives.)

After working as an organizing contractor for many months I realized that deep down it was time: I wanted to direct my own projects and have my own clients.

Early on, I was incredibly lucky to have met my first business partner, Pamela, on-site of a large organizing project.

We naturally gravitated to working together each day, and eventually went for coffee. I recall joking that “we should have our own business” but Pamela heard it as a serious idea.

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