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Carefully Crafted

This family loves to craft! (Missing from these shots is the beautiful big island perfect for a crafting area.) The organizing challenge of this space was accessibility to the bountiful crafting supplies. The sooner children can find their glitter and paper, the quicker they can get creative. Purchasing bins with handles allows the supplies to be pulled out and then easily put away during clean up. Current crafty projects now have a home and play time is less frustrating and more fun.

A Vision in White

Every now and then a project simply speaks to me. Underneath the beautiful chaos, I could see the potential in this home office space. As systems were created and the desktop emerged, my cherished client and I agreed this was an empowering process. I am always asked was this space so beautifully maintained afterwards, and I’m so proud to say “yes!”

Office Space

Storage rooms in a workplace are accessed by many people, so it’s crucial to have very simple and clear systems in place. My focus: clearly defined areas for all supplies increases the speed at which they can be located, and saves money on accidental re-ordering due to disorganization. The unexpected side effect: staff feel valued and respected when common areas are neat and functional.

Avoid Pantry Panic

Like many of us, this client was a busy person with a busy life. The problem, something we can all relate to, was an overloaded space filled with unnecessary multiples of items she couldn’t keep track of. No single person needs 6 jars of mayonnaise, right? Items that were meant to be in this space had spilled out into other rooms of the home, so this space was targeted as organizational ground zero. With some simple shelf improvements and labels, this client now can clearly see what is stored, and has plenty of room for growth and freedom in other areas of the home.

A Place and Space for Everything

One of the very first families that I worked with has moved three times and is finally settled into the home of their dreams. This family is very active and they use their three car garage as a sport court during the winter months. The organizing challenges of this particular space required simple systems for the children to put away their sports gear, and storage for items that small hands don’t need access to. Now the garage is an organized haven that is also safe for the children to play in; a multi-purpose and multi-functional space that bears the mark of an excellent makeover.

A Beautiful Start to the Day

Any Mom will tell you that being able to get out of the home in the morning quickly is a true feat. With an efficient re-organization of a bathroom, this dynamic businesswoman and mother of three now has time in the morning to freshen up, but also breathe. With her nanny on board, items always return to their “home” and it’s a snap to restock the necessary supplies. I hear she loves her bathroom re-vamp so much she shows it off to all her friends.

Work In Progress

This particular organizing project is for a busy Mom of three young children who also runs two businesses. Phew! After moving, this client recognized she simply had no time to properly organize her overflowing home office desk. My first challenge to her was to get rid of items and paperwork she simply didn’t need; she earned gold stars (and hugs) for her determined donation of unnecessary items. After just one session, we were able to give her a new system for incoming paper, an active project system, allocate a home for everything and organize her email system for success. I can’t wait for the next steps!

Ready to Roll

If you guessed that this is the garage of a race car driver, you are correct! This dynamic client had one organizing dilemma: a lot of tires that needed to be moved to and from his cars with ease. The solution: a tire rack that can be rolled. Needless to say he smiles even more when in his garage now.

Super Storage

Can you believe, other than the tires, there is the same amount of things in both shots? It’s not magic, just a professional organizer’s mission accomplished. This client’s priority with her condo storage unit was easy access to her belongings. My favourite solution was to use a rolling cart with handles for her Christmas décor. Now when the holidays come calling, she can easily roll all her holiday essentials upstairs.

A Healthy Start

When you’re the Department Head of a busy hospital, your paperwork and office space can quickly become in need of an organizational checkup. Dr. Preston needed our guidance to streamline paper flow and file management so that her time could be spent more efficiently. With the new organizing systems in place, at the end of her term she was able to confidently assist with the transition to her successor with just a simple box of essential documents.

The Man Cave

This incredibly functional garage space was designed with a man in mind. Ease of use and practicality were the keys to the organizing process. All containers are open for easy access. Containers are black to hide any dirt and are appropriately labelled for multi-person use. All tools are plugged in and ready to go. With this set-up, home improvement projects almost take care of themselves.

Cutting the Cords

Every client has something they are particularly attached to. When supporting a corporate move for an IT company, a closet full of unruly cords became a sticking point. Even though they were duplicates and hardly ever used, the cords were coveted because they were “so cool.” After some delicate negotiation, the team was convinced to let some of the cluttered cords go in favour of a less is more approach.