"We’re a bunch of computer geeks, not expert organizers. Kyla got it all cleaned up and set up and then helped us figure out who was in charge of maintaining everything. It sure is nice to be able to find cords and hardware parts when I need them." ~ Mike O.

Conquering Ongoing Clutter


SRK Consulting


A recent move had resulted in a medusa of cords and a landslide of computer parts that were hurting productivity and causing stress for SRK Consulting.

SRK needed help defining and implementing organizational systems for both their paper and their computer parts. While each engineer wanted to hang on to items for possible future use, no one was formally responsible for setting priorities or handling maintenance.


Kyla worked directly with the General Manager of Global IT operations. After conducting a department-wide Needs Analysis, she coached executives on organizational strategies for setting up and maintaining the pieces and parts that come with a computer consulting business. Kyla then developed a customized organizational system and trained employees how to:

  • Discuss priorities for ongoing organizational tasks
  • Establish systems for handling incoming and outgoing items
  • Implement personal productivity systems
  • Design and implement an ongoing maintenance plan
  • Purge what’s not needed
  • Manage on-site organizing
    • Untangle cords
    • Organize and containerize parts
    • Label containers to facilitate system maintenance


The company has noticed a significant increase in productivity and accuracy with their inventory management system. Not only have they become more efficient at processing items, they have also saved costs by reducing time on administrative tasks, and reduced the amount of misplaced and damaged items.