"Self-organizing systems were just what I needed. My newly organized files are easy to access and the open containers allow me to visually track my many projects. I value every minute I save using my new systems." ~ Dr. Preston

Office Self-Organizing Systems


Dr. Preston, Department Head and Senior Medical Director


Dr. Preston’s time was in constant demand. Department Head of Anesthesia and a Senior Medical Director member of over 30 hospital committees, her daily organizational needs involved hundreds of emails, numerous meetings, staff management, sensitive paper management and, of course, time left over for ongoing research.

She asked In Order to Succeed to help her put organizational systems in place that could practically run themselves, allowing her the time necessary to complete her many tasks.


Kyla knew that self-purging, automated systems were the way to go for this executive with extreme time demands. She worked with Ms. Preston to learn how she managed her day and what she needed from her environment. Following that assessment, Kyla:

  • Established a desktop project system for easy organization of and access to active papers
  • Implemented an automated, self-purging paper management system
  • Modified the system for sensitive papers that needed to be kept for varying amounts of time
  • Trained the secretary on how to handle the new filing and organizational processes
  • Rearranged office items to enhance productivity
  • Moved file storage for easier access


Dr. Preston reports that, as a result of her new organizing system, she has become much more productive. By having to spend less time on menial organizing tasks, she can now focus her efforts on higher priority items.