"In Order To Succeed’s training and suggestions did more than simply organize our new space. By teaching our staff how to do their own purging and how to consolidate their file areas to create space for personal belongings, Kyla made teamwork fun. Better yet, we began to feel like a community again in our new space. Kyla showed us how the portable workstation concept worked in real life and helped us keep overhead low—another bonus." ~ Division Manager

Supporting a Corporate Move


Health Care Organization


The moving process for a prominent Vancouver health care organization caused considerable employee frustration. Employees who had been working in hard-walled offices were suddenly required to share cubicle space. The company had chosen a floating cubicle layout for their new space because workers were often in the field and prime office space had previously sat vacant for days at a time.

In Order to Succeed was hired to optimize employees’ shared office usage and enhance portable productivity. Employees also needed a way to personalize any shared office solution.


Kyla first conducted a Needs Assessment which involved listening to employee concerns to ensure solutions would be adopted. Kyla used the analysis to:

  • Train employees on:
    • Employing organizational strategies for shared desks
    • Managing and storing paper documents
    • Utilizing a portable workstation in place of a permanent desk
  • Configure work spaces to:
    • Create common filing areas with central access
    • Create space for personal belongings
    • Make use of portable, easy-to-carry workstations
  • Work with i/t to expedite logon/log off for multiple employees on a shared computer


Employees have successfully adopted the system developed by In Order to Succeed. Not only was employee morale boosted while easing them into a new space, the organization has also reported enhanced workflow.