"What a relief to find out I didn’t have to do everything myself. Kyla’s calming, assuring presence helped me relax and let go of some of the busy work involved in organizing. She got everything ready and I made the final decisions. Pure bliss!" ~ Alyssa

Creating Home Organizing Systems


Alyssa B., Nutritional Consultant


Busy doesn’t begin to describe the life of this TV personality with three children. Alyssa couldn’t imagine how the day-to-day life would slow down enough for her to turn her chaos into a calm, inviting environment, so she called in some help.

While Alyssa loved to dress up for social or work events, she had a difficult time finding her makeup, jewelry, accessories—you name it—in the jumbled piles that filled her bathroom drawers.


While Alyssa was used to running her own projects, she was happy to hand over the bulk of the organizing to Kyla, participating once things were sorted and ready to be put back into place. Kyla set up systems requiring only a few minutes weekly to maintain.


Mornings became calmer, less stressful and less frustrating for both mom and children.