"If only I had known how easy it would be to keep my systems going once they were in place, I would have hired Kyla years ago. Kyla not only helped me organize my basement, but she also set up an easy maintenance system that continues to help me today." ~ Elizabeth

Organizing a Basement


Elizabeth P.


Elizabeth loves to paint and craft handmade items. What she didn’t love was her crowded, overflowing basement workspace. In spite of purchasing more containers, which she had hoped would help with the problem, the basement workspace remained in overwhelming disarray.

Elizabeth wanted help setting up organizing systems for her painting projects and crafts that would require minimal upkeep once they were in place.


Kyla’s easy-to-follow system turned the basement disarray into a fun, orderly room. She:

  • Sorted all the items
  • Helped Elizabeth decide what to purge
  • Made use of existing containers
  • Created easy access to items with some open bins
  • Made it easy to identify items with see-through containers
  • Labeled containers temporarily until the process was finished and Elizabeth had decided on final destinations for all her objects


Elizabeth is delighted with her organized basement – instead of it being a place she is hesitant to visit, she now enjoys using and maintaining it.