"I love my new office. It just feels so good. Now my husband keeps trying to get me to trade offices. Working with Kyla on my office also made me realize I could achieve serenity in other aspects of life. I feel more in control and able to respond, rather than react. Now, Kyla’s helping me with the kitchen. Can’t wait to see how that changes things." ~ Lalitha

Organizing a Home Office


Lalitha R., Medical Practitioner


Lalitha’s beautiful home office was out of control. Things were so messy that she had stopped using the office completely and had begun to spread her papers and projects all over the house. She had missed tax deadlines and work-related reimbursements due to the disabling effects of her chaotic office.

While the office was literally overflowing, the real challenge was that Lalitha had no working systems to help her deal with her many projects and responsibilities.


Kyla knew Lalitha’s situation could change with customized home office working systems. In total, Kyla implemented:

  • A new filing system
  • A self-purging tax filing system
  • A functioning inbox and action system
  • A process for minimizing overstocked supplies

Kyla also established work zones that determined where certain types of activities would take place within the home office.


Lalitha is much happier with her new office. Not only did Kyla’s work on the project inspire Lalitha to use her office more, it even encouraged her to change the décor.